02 Lakers Lyrics by BigXthaPlug Ft. Ro$ama, music has been produced by LilJuMadeDaBeat, and 02 Lakers song lyrics are penned down by BigXthaPlug, Ro$ama & LilJuMadeDaBeat.

02 Lakers Lyrics

(Toot that ho, Barnes)
(And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)

Ayy, pour up a four of some Wock’, I been leanin’ like crazy
Ni**as can’t take my spot ’cause they lazy
You know I been running this shit for a minute
The f*ck? Ni**as tryna erase me
All these bad bitches be tryna rape me
These ni**as get greedy, then start actin’ shady
I come from the block, know that shit kind’ve made me
Now I ball ever season like Brady
And these ni**as broke, that’s the reason they hatin’
Hit his bitch with a stroke, now shе stalking my page
I’m locked in with the loc’s, so you know what I’m bangin’
Got partnеrs that’s Bloods, I don’t care what they claming
‘Cause we hit the club, if I swing, then they swangin’
Just got some new drip and I can’t even name it
I just got a new whip, that bitch pushing two-eighty, it’s crazy
I just spent a brick on my baby
We’re selling three fives, ballin’ hard like I’m Katie
What’s rule number five? Think that they safe tryna play me
You know we outside, that’s your city that raised me
I’m lit, who you know making hits from the pavement
I came a long way from hittin’ licks like the takers
Been ballin’ so hard, kind’ve feel like the Lakers
Bro Kobe, I’m Shaq and these ni**as is faking
600 4L, bitch, come sign to the label

I really been having this shit online, go check the keypad and deadbolt
Try to reach for my chain and get reunited with Jesus and all of your dead folks
See, I started with raw, then I went cooked up the rock before people’s elbow
Ran over the game and then I start smoking these ni**as, Suge Knight in the red coat
I been having more chicken than Chick-fil-A
Tell Ben Frank, “It’s my pleasure”
When they study sororities, alpha’s, omega, just in case I need to step better
See, I’m in the spot with ’bout fifty O’s, ni**a, Floyd Mayweather
I been getting paper, yes, I’m on top of my shit, I’m a motherf*cking page hitter
Bang orange and blue like the Astros
Diamonds swim on me like a tadpole
Just to give me an edge, I start sippin’ oil, my double cup full of that Castro
And you know that I’m hot, Tabasco
Gold ropes on me like a lasso
Try to get out of pocket and get your ass smoked like a Cuban (Ayy), Fidel Castro

Since a ni**a came up, I ain’t even gon’ lie, I been having my way, f*cking bad hoes
Yeah, I got me some money, but don’t think it’s funny
The f*ck, do you think that this bag for?
I just got a new glizzy, my clip is extended, he run, bet I knock off his backbone
I ain’t gon’ lie, my shit roll like a trap phone
Hit the road, get the bag and come back home

Steady spittin’ this shit like a camel
Burberry coat came from a mammal
And the stick on me and I’m ready to fire, I feel like a motherf*cking candle
Go out in the blaze like Just
Talk too much shit and get flushed
In the Airbnb, probably get my dick suck while I beat all these levels in Candy Crush

You can’t stay at my crib, pick your panties up
Oh, you mad? Well, ha, ha, ho, you let me f*ck
I just know you lil’ ni**as ain’t man enough
Made me a mill’ in a year, ho, I run it up

See, I learned how to step in these Gucci shoes
Designated to drive and shoot it too
Catch me at a pool party with so many women that still tryna show me they hoot-a-doo (I do it)


Song: 02 Lakers
Artist: BigXthaPlug Ft. Ro$ama
Music: LilJuMadeDaBeat
Lyrics: BigXthaPlug, Ro$ama & LilJuMadeDaBeat

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