22 Missed Calls Lyrics by Clavish, from the album “Rap Game Awful“, and 22 Missed Calls song lyrics are penned down by Clavish.

22 Missed Calls Lyrics

Yo, rap game, rap game
Rap game awful, but this that CLA rough shit, feel me
Everyone talking ’bout, think I’m bougie ’cause I don’t answer the phone
But they know my ting goes on fly mode more than it feels like
I’ll shout you back though

I got twenty-two missed calls, three from my jail ni**a
Two from my mum, she wanna know if I’ll be home for dinner
Missed call from Sinner, he wanna know if I’m with Mellie
Two from my music manager, said he’s got a belly
One from a Jezzie, says she heard I made a song with Nines
Two from my young ting, she wanna know if I’m alright
One from a chick abroad, probably asking me to fly
One from a chick in Manny, she want dick all in hеr spine
One from a rapper, wants mе to smoke a verse for his tape
Two from my solicitor, he reckons I’m a beat the case
Two from my older cousin, tryna drop me bare food
One from Alie, she’s so sexy, but she’s bare rude
Missed call from Keeks, he said it’s time to get with it
‘Cause the packs nearly done, and the grubs nearly finished
One from Kirky, said he’s got two hoes that want to fuck
The last time we did a two-on-two, I nearly fucked him up
One from MB, tryna lecture me on music
That’s all he was doing when he weren’t running ’round shooting
Yeah, I got twenty-two missed calls when I wake up out my sleep
And I ain’t even mentioned missed calls from the fiends yet, I’m outside


Song: 22 Missed Calls
Artist: Clavish
Album: Rap Game Awful (2023)
Lyrics: Clavish

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