4 Shootas Only Lyrics by GetRichZay, From the Album “Pilot St – EP“, Music has been produced by CMOFLEXX, and 4 Shootas Only song lyrics are penned down by GetRichZay.

4 Shootas Only Lyrics

(That’s how you do it, CMO)
Yeah (Gang, phew)
Uh (Gang, bah, bah, bah, bah)

Shit cost more than your rent, expensive clothes, Saint Laurent (Expensive clothes)
Uh, nigga don’t like to talk, he always actin’ like a slug (I don’t like to talk, uh, I don’t like talk, shh, I don’t like— aight, come on)
Uh, applyin’ that pressure for all my niggas that’s dead and gone (Dead and gone)
Uh, GetRich stay on point, he clutch that fire whenever he headed home (He clutch that fire)
My bitch be on point, she cook and clean whenevеr I’m headed home (Yеah)
Clutch myself right now with this big boy fire in my hand while I’m makin’ a song (That big boy choppa)
Big nigga spoke on five, nigga feel like sparkin’, hit him right there in his dome (Spark, spark, spark)
Yeah, play with that gang, we at his doorstep just like, damn, he gone (We at his doorstep)
Nigga got hit for speakin’ on Fifty (Gang), he knew he was dead wrong (Gang)
(He speak on Fifty name and Fifty Gang, yeah, his head—)
Uh, I don’t fuck with nobody, just me and my gang, I don’t care ’bout gettin’ along (I don’t care ’bout gettin’ along)
I just pulled some racks off my account, nigga worried ’bout gettin’ a loan (Nigga worried ’bout gettin’ a loan)
Hold up, hold up, when I mix VVs, swear this shit turn super stone (Damn, super stone)
When I bought me a Glock, put a switch on that bitch, that bitch turned super strong (Ayy, that bitch turned super strong, phew)
Uh, they can’t hop in the car with that gang, this shit for shooters only (This shit for shooters)
Lil’ folks pop out with all type of clips like it’s a movie, oh (Like it’s a movie, oh)
Soon as I catch that boy, that chop gon’ sing just like a Toosii song (That chop, choppa)
Yeah, we got murder for sale, get paid for one of them headstones (One them heads)
Had to take that blick from out his hand, that bit’ might do him wrong (Bit’ might do—)
Bitch ain’t know I was the heartbreak kid, she thought that she was gon’ last long (Last long)
Truely trolled, four days later he died, he thought that shit was gon’ last long
I get high, I get so geeked out my mind, can’t feel my damn bone (Damn bone)
Can’t tell no lie, I swear I do not get paid to cap in these damn songs (Damn songs)
Nigga get so fly, walk in Saks, I feel like Guapo, I’m Mr. Put It On (Put it on)
Bitch, I’m grindin’, got this shit out the mud myself, a nigga ain’t put me on (Put me on)


Song: 4 Shootas Only
Album: Pilot St – EP (2022)
Artist: GetRichZay
Lyrics: GetRichZay

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