5.0 Chronicles Lyrics by Larry June Ft. Curren$y, and From the Album “Spaceships On The Blade“, Music has been produced by ​​DJ Mr Rogers, and 5.0 Chronicles song lyrics are penned down by Larry June, Curren$y & DJ Mr Rogers.

5.0 Chronicles Lyrics

Hop in my 5.0
Toss on something smooth
Plottin’ on a bigger move
Real Estate in the hills
Came with a master plan
Went home and switched whips
30 day run in my under
Touch fifty quick
Figured I’d send the bitch
Fucked around and made a star
Top notch clientele
3k for every call
We don’t glamorize the game we tryin to do better
Still spendin five G’s on these cashmere sweaters
You niggas was cupcaking
We was playing Costa Mesa
At the Cheesecake Factory
Tip thе valet, pull off in somethin special
Sеcret location, doin push-ups and swimming
Six figure credit line just to bill the corporation
Take heed my nigga, this a different conversation
A lotta shit changed
Way more crazy, but I maintained
5.0 swang

Gas in my jar, gas in my car
My mama prayed hard cause her son a star
Automatic start, range hella far
Pull up to what used to be my lil broad
Backslidin every 90
She still cool so we like close friends
So much in common
Smokin’ and countin’, tossin’ gold coins in the water fountain
Making wishes on em’ pullin’ Impalas out em’
Couple foreigns I got em’
Holdin’ somethin about em’
I often talk about em’ over beats that’s knockin’
They legs tired from clout chasin’
Eyes sore from pocket watchin’
My flow amazing all this holy water around me girl you better thank the lord you found me


Song: 5.0 Chronicles
Album: Spaceships On The Blade (2022)
Artist: Larry June Ft. Curren$y
Music: ​​DJ Mr Rogers
Lyrics: Larry June, Curren$y & DJ Mr Rogers

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