50 50 Lyrics by GetRichZay, From the Album “Pilot St – EP“, Music has been produced by C Hop 2800, and 50 50 song lyrics are penned down by GetRichZay.

50 50 Lyrics

Go (Uh, uh, uh, uh)
Six shit, nigga, don’t get your bitch hit, know we make your head split (Big C Hop)

I don’t know why they mention me (I don’t know why they—), I ain’t got shit to do with them (I ain’t got shit to do, yeah)
Dumb-ass opp tried to play it creep (Dumb ass), too bad I already knew was him
Feds think I’m tryna hoop (Feds think I’m—), “GetRich, why you got shooters in here?” (I got shooters)
Cull it down, then give it a boot, had to show it ain’t no love in here
I’m in the club with young rich shooters, them young niggas turnt, they throwin’ up dubs in here (Throwin’ up dubs in here)
Uh, better not cross that street, watch how he get hit, we turn niggas to a deal (Aight, to a deal)
Know this an SRT, got a grip (SRT), that bitch two hands whenever I steer (I steer)
Doin’ a dash, the police around (I’m gone), I’m doin’ one-eighty whenever they near (Skrrt, skrrt)
Ayy, bitch, it’s a switch on the back of that Glock (Switch, frrt), I’ma hit up that nigga and whoever he near (Near)
Them young niggas turnt, they throwin’ up gang for sho’, they gon’ put that shit in your ear (Put that shit in your ear)
Uh, tired them young niggas turnt that throwin’ that gang, gang
Up that chop, go bang, bang
Me and my Draco too locked in, I swear that bitch my main thing (Swear that bitch be— come on)
2SG, FSG, Fifty Gang, same thing (Fifty Gang like that)
Bitch, I feel I’m a king of the jungle, I think I’m on top of the chain (Aight, come on)
Bitch, I just want money from all this rap (Gang, gang, gang), I don’t care about none of fame (None of fame)
Uh, better not stand too close when I up that chop (Go, go), this bitch here flame (This bitch be flame)
I’m in this bitch pourin’ drank in my cup (Drank), I feel like Kurt Cobain (Phew)
Uh, told that bitch, “I don’t pass no blunt,” she nasty, swear she a lame (Lame, lame)
Yeah, told myself gotta stay on point, two steps ‘head of the game (Let’s go)
Uh, told my bros, “I never switch over the bread, just me and the gang” (Aight, come on)
Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah), we prepared, we ready to war, we ready to bang
Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah), he precise whenever he shootin’, that boy got aim (Psh, aight, aight, come on)


Song: 50 50
Album: Pilot St – EP (2022)
Artist: GetRichZay
Music: C Hop 2800
Lyrics: GetRichZay

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