7 Knights Lyrics by DC The Don, from the album “My Own Worst 3nemy“, Produced by LouieOnTheKeys & Astroboy.

7 Knights Lyrics – DC The Don

Hm, uh, ooh
Yeah-yeah (Woah)
Yeah, yeah-yeah (Ye)
Yeah (Ye)

I’ve been working on defense, so I’m rebuilding, I’m refilling up
You ain’t gotta worry how he feel, ’cause they evil, but I’m evil now, woah, yeah (Shit)
Tryna drive fast on the interstate, no way
Remember I said, « I’ma crash this bitch one day, » you said I’ma be okay

And all I ever did was run away, I thought about it for a hundred days
Shit, but I’m a young nigga with no one else to call on, so, like Kanye, I run away
I’ma trust my gut, I run away (Let’s have a toast for the assholеs)
I’ma crash my car, I’ma run away, yeah (Let’s have a toast for thе assholes)

I popped some pills, I can feel them already
Just between me and you, I’ll take this over nothing
I know you think that I like all this shit, but it’s crazy, lowkey, you made the wrong assumption
I’m tryna feel something, please treat me the same, but you treat me like I’m insane

I can’t even lie, girl, that shit disrespectful ’cause I’m going out with a bang
See I know that your intentions are nothing to talk about, they tryna speak on my name
Better put « Motherfucking GOAT » behind that shit, I need all my flowers and thanks, yeah
‘Cause I’ve been working, I’ve been working, it’s not working love, yeah, ayy
Start to feel like a surgeon, I’m cutting ties off and it’s working love (Shit)
Like, tell me how that shit feel?

Every time that I come around you switch your energy up, tell me, how is that shit real?
I can’t fall for that shit now I’m deading it, called up my bitch, now I switched up my etiquette
And they hung up my Letterman, I know deep down it’s hard for you accepting it
I don’t trust a soul, girl, you know I’m a skeptic

But half of this shit that I said I regret it
Half of this shit that I said I regret it
But it came out my mouth, so it’s fuck it, I said it
Kid Cudi shit how I’m boosting my status

Don’t come round the Don, [?]
I just pulled out, I don’t really got too much to say
I go dirty too much, I feel it in my face
I get too high again, now the feelings erased

I’m just happy I’m not working minimum wage, yuh
I’ve been really up for like seven nights
I’m protecting her, I got like seven knights
Now the crowd showing out with hella lights

It’s only been seven days, I been on seven flights
Look at my back, now I got seven knives
Already killed twice, I got seven lives
I remember being down bad on my dick

I was underrated, I had like seven likes
Tried to sign the contract with Adidas, living like Ye, but I got seven stripes
I think it’s crazy, whenever a nigga start talking ’bout God, they throw dirt on you every night
They gon’ glorify the fake shit, I’m looking for the real, I need a bitch with cellulite
Tryna move momma house to a satellite

‘Cause this shit that we doing be really so heavy, the shit they doing, that shit be very light
And I don’t wanna hold you
I know the shit that you seen in your life, it’s too hard to hold in and just go through
See I know how that feel, every time that I look at myself I feel hate in my soul, too

You be trying to be something you really just not
I’m my own enemy, told you
I’m my own worst enemy, baby
I thought you knew when I told you

I can’t be the same Daij in 2018, baby, look what this life on the road do
But I’m still bumping « DC Dahmer » in the Wraith
Every time I stopped by and I rolled through
All my life I was just tryna fucking escape, but I don’t got nowhere else to go to, yeah

Lowkey, I had to stop comparing myself
At the end of the day, I’ll be me, I ain’t gotta be nobody else
I had to take my motherfucking own advice, yuh
Ain’t it hard tryna take your own damn advice?

I was trying to give hope to the youth, but I’m living a double life
How the fuck I’ma ever save you if I’m living a double life? (Ain’t tryna be nobody else, shit)
I don’t know how I’ma wake up back tomorrow in this life
But I’ma call you and I’ma let you know when I decide

Yeah, go, go
When I decide (Go, nobody else)


Song: 7 Knights
Artist: DC The Don
Album: My Own Worst 3nemy (2022)
Produced by: LouieOnTheKeys & Astroboy

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