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’94 Flow Lyrics by GRIP Ft. TU!, from the album “5 & A F*** You“, music has been produced by Latrell James, and ’94 Flow song lyrics are penned down by GRIP, TU! & Latrell James.

’94 Flow Lyrics

Oh My God, Oh My God (repeat 4x)
Whew gahdamn you getting bands put your hands up (repeat)

Microphone check 1 2 mic checka
Niggas in trouble when grip apply pressure
38 snubby that sits on my dresser
If plot thickens them shots lickin, I betcha
Silly mufuckas you ain’t heard bout Grip
That dimple faced nigga wit a 30 round clip
Made my name in this game on some word of mouth Shit
Now when they ask who got flames niggas blurt it out quick
Caught in yo feels I draw the heckler
Automobiles with all the extras
We don’t do SRTs, nigga please
Rock VVS in AMGs and M3s
AKs n m16s
With beams
Get rich quick schemes
Dick in thick queens
Destroying thе
Simps that shift and switch teams
Do you know what that shit means

Oh My God, Oh My God (repеat 4x)
Whew gahdamn you getting bands put your hands up (repeat)

I came back wit the neck meaner
Baguettes on my left finger
Tech nina
Don’t sweat the technique I wreck beats
Sex select freaks leave her stretched in wet sheets text her next week
Recollect all of them debt collect calls
Was stressed dawg
But now we up, YES YA’LL!
So let’s ball
8 day vacays abroad
They actin like they never seen niggas in Prague
Squad chief logs and got the limousine fogged
Supreme drawls, hot n lemon pepper wing sauce
..Prefer flats, we throw the drums on the straps
It go ratta tat tat tat tat, dirt nap
Cadillac black on black, serve raps
With da same niggas from When i had cop my 1st sack
These niggas wanna blam us they can’t stand us
If you got yo bands up put yo hands up


Song: ’94 Flow
Album: 5 & A F*** You (2022)
Singer: GRIP Ft. TU!
Music: Latrell James
Lyrics: GRIP, TU! & Latrell James

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