99 Lyrics by Flawes, from the album “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward“.

99 Lyrics

I’ve been in love for seven years and not a minute more
And I’ve been counting up the moments since the penny dropped
They say nothing lasts forever but we’ll give a good go
And if you know me I ain’t one to promise nothing for show

You make me feel like I am golden
You make me think that I’m alive under spotlight
You build me up and keep me warm
Let down my guard and now addicted to your light brown eyes
Yeah when you found me I was chasing glory
And now together we be writing stories of me and you
We’ll live in wonder for the rest of our life

Until we’re 99

Yeah you took me by surprise I don’t believe in first sight
And I’d be lying if I told you that I knew on that night
I was searching for a reason to be left high and dry
Yeah if you left me at the wheel then we’d be curtains in time

And I’m sorry if it took me too long to figure out you
Now I’m ready for this, we’re at the right place with the right amount of love
And I’ll tell you more each day that I fall I can’t live without you


Song: 99
Artist: Flawes
Album: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward (2023)

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