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A Given Thing Lyrics by Weyes Blood, from the album “And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow”, music has been produced by Weyes Blood & Rodaidh McDonald, and A Given Thing song lyrics are penned down by Weyes Blood.

A Given Thing Lyrics

Running from the turning, I swore I could be good enough
It’s a given thing
Sometimes our love is everlasting
It’s a given thing
And I want you more, my love, that could be good enough
It’s a given thing
Sometimes we confuse the dream for one another
But you’re screaming to be closer to infinity
To love, everlasting

It’s not a one-way street
Sometimes, our love is enrapturing
And other times it’s just unravelling in front of me
And it feels like we’rе burning
Making ashes of our joy
But love doesn’t need to dеstroy you anymore
Oh, I wanna stop the war between the broken lovers
It’s not something you gotta burn from each other
It just comes naturally, it’s there for the taking
It’s a given thing
Our love, everlasting

Oh, it flows out of you
It flows out of me, too
And I can’t tell where you end
Oh, and where I began
Oh, it’s a given thing
Love, everlasting


Song: A Given Thing
Album: And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow (2022)
Singer: Weyes Blood
Music: Weyes Blood & Rodaidh McDonald
Lyrics: Weyes Blood

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