adapt Lyrics by awakebutstillinbed, from the album “chaos takes the wheel and i am a passenger“, music has been produced by Joe Reinhart, and adapt song lyrics are penned down by Shannon Taylor (awakebutstillinbed).

adapt Lyrics

It’s like i run and i run but don’t catch up
Because the ground that i’m running on just speeds up
The air hits my lungs, my legs adjust
But i see the sun start falling, it’s not enough
I need a brand new way to fix my life
Something to change the way i feel inside
Cause when the fleeting joys again subside
It feels like nothing could ever make this right

All my life
Like sand castles in the tide
Is it better or worse than before?
The truth is i’m not sure

Do we adapt to all growth and level out?
Are we confined within the bounds of a range allowed?
Thought we could build who we are from the ground up
But i see the stars start fading, I’ve seen enough
I need an unknown way to fix my life
Something to make me want to stay alive
Cause when these looming thoughts again collide
It feels like nothing is gonna change my mind

Realize what sticks and what’s left behind
See the joys of your past redefined
Now they’re ghosts and redrawn lines
Always out of our reach
As we just keep sinking

It’s been so long
Since it’s felt like something wasn’t wrong
Is this growing up?
Or is it something else we’ve grown out of?
Felt like i’d trekked so far
But the roots still wrap around my heart
With every step behind you in shards
It breaks your ego
Like a wrecking ball
Right through who you are
When you look back
On your life’s accomplishments
And they’re meaningless
It’s beautiful


Song: adapt
Artist: awakebutstillinbed
Album: chaos takes the wheel and i am a passenger (2023)
Music: Joe Reinhart
Lyrics: Shannon Taylor (awakebutstillinbed)

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