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Ain’t Ok Lyrics by GRIP, from the album “5 & A F*** You“, music has been produced by Nkosi Kamal & WARA, and Ain’t Ok song lyrics are penned down by GRIP, Nkosi Kamal & WARA.

Ain’t Ok Lyrics

Holla at me once u cop some land
And concoct a proper plan to make your knot expand
And not whippin your pops sedan
And shit you jot can jam
Without hitting that skip button
And you quit clucking bout all that stick clutchin
And ain’t hit nothin
Instagram pic lovin twitter dick huggin
Tap dance on tik toks to get yo shit buzzin
This a discussion not a diss cousin
Niggas brag about owning they masters when they ain’t worth shit
Silly bastards I’m passed Em Slim drafted me wit the first pick
Still own every piece of art I ever released
Get on my level at least you just a pet on a leash
Open your eyes, you worried bout raps trending on Twitter while whack hidden agendas keep black kids in the blender (the fuck)

Fast pacing, the lads is crashing out at gas stations glass breakin kick dooring your dads basement not a tad patient blast and don’t ask nathan ass shakin half of the class vacant niggas beef on the double for cheese, add bacon

My uncle said live by the gun you die by the gun so I gotta gun case I gotta push your shit to the side cause a jit tryna slide for the funds then I gotta run
Lotta niggas die on the side that I’m from
Ride with the drum colliding for crumbs
Only presidential on they mind is the one that tell time on da front fuck Biden and trump
A line and a blunt 3.5 of da runts
Percs the pill lady been prescribing for months
Feel like you died and alive all at once
12 pull a nigga out his ride on a hunch
Supply and demand in the land of the lions and lambs
Pay tithes to the man for providing a plan to get you out of a sizeable jam he said let go and let god wit a bible in hand
But if you ever run into your rival again
It’s survival of man
No church in the wild you can die where you stand
Pull the fye let it blam
Nigga prolly only do about 5 in the can
But at least you alive
Run back to the streets just to thrive
Mufuckas gotta eat to survive

The kids ain’t ok
Uh uh no way
They crashin out man a Nigga get killed everyday
Them ratchets out blood and tears finna spill everyday
The kids ain’t ok


Song: Ain’t Ok
Album: 5 & A F*** You (2022)
Singer: GRIP
Music: Nkosi Kamal & WARA
Lyrics: GRIP, Nkosi Kamal & WARA

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