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Alone Together Lyrics by Noah Kahan, from the album “Stick Season“, and Alone Together song lyrics are penned down by Noah Kahan.

Alone Together Lyrics

Caught between who I am and an older me
Who am I without your hand-prints all over me
Just another guy and a girl getting groceries
Is that what we’ve become

Caught up in a cycle we can’t escape
And I feel like it’s my my fault we got this way
Been walking on a tightrope and too afraid
To let us come undone

Same house but in different places
Same words but a different language
Same book but on different pages
Can’t say it

Baby we’re alone
Baby we’re alone togеther
Know that this ain’t love
We just can’t find somеthing better
‘Cause you and I
Could choose goodbye
Or we could be alone
We could be alone together
Alone together


Song: Alone Together
Album: Stick Season (2022)
Singer: Noah Kahan
Lyrics: Noah Kahan

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