Alors Alors? Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA), from the album “TreMixes“, music has been produced by LiTek, WhYJay, Mike Brainchild & Lucid Producer, and Alors Alors? song lyrics are penned down by Tre $avage (USA).

Alors Alors? Lyrics

Alors alors? (Don’t know French)
Alors en danse? (What? Can’t comprehend)

Alors alors? I don’t know French
Alors en danse? Can’t comprehend
Frothing, not epileptic
Emergency, going septic
Me llamo Tre, todos me llaman Travis
Not the real Astro’, out of this world
Poor, limited spending
None of it’s pending
Too late, world’s ending
Brain dead, unresponsive
Trustworthy? Nah, so irresponsive
Time to leave, want to stay
Adiós, au revoir, go away
Don’t have to be crude
Multiple nicknames, don’t know which to pick
Too famous, can’t rid myself, all of them stick
Take a trip out the country
Falling apart, can’t part from her
Our love’s too strong, that’s one thing I’ll always endure
Folding under pressure? Hydraulic origami
Going crazy, lucid, start a kamikaze
Claustrophobic, chest tighten
Trembling, scared, senses heightened
Floating on top, am I hydrophobic?
Broke her spine, “Damn, she known aerobics?”
Poisonous? I’m too gangrenous
Too swift, instantaneous
So much information, so miscellaneous
Out of sync, not spontaneous, simultaneous
Too strong, potent
Broken by society, just a component
Exiled by my own kind, can’t enjoy the moment
Can’t figure it out, don’t have an answer, what’s the quotient?
Always assuming, having some type of notion
Hallucinations, sightseeing unreal, realities out of line
Can’t compensate for my sake, out of time
Overcompensating, need to calm down
Hyperventilation, need resuscitation
Disowned, people pray for my death
Silenced them out, turned deaf
Resources? Unobtainable
Cautionary, stay away, I’m unstable
Hate having asthma, too anaerobic
Necrotizing fasciitis? Guess I’m not necrophobic
Spoiled? Turned Mesozoic
Paleozoic? Cenozoic? Damn, so ancient
Stage fright, getting anxious
Sometimes, I can’t face it
Anger me? Acting vexatious
Envious? Nefarious? Which trait is best?
Dictator? Nein, ich bin nicht Hitler
Derogatory implements? Such a stickler
Emotional fragmentation, have no limitations
Copying my talents? Cease with these imitations
Alors, alors? In galore? Regret
Dealing with travesties I can’t forget
Troublesome, can’t repay this debt, have me upset
Death notes in abundance, constant threats
Euphoric, casting dark silhouettes

Was I here before? Memories are torn, worn out
Can’t call for help, can’t scream or shout


Song: Alors Alors?
Artist: Tre $avage (USA)
Album: TreMixes (2023)
Music: LiTek, WhYJay, Mike Brainchild & Lucid Producer
Lyrics: Tre $avage (USA)

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