Amazon Standing Lamp Lyrics by Wilbur Soot, from the album “Mammalian Sighing Reflex“, music has been produced by Wilbur Soot, and Amazon Standing Lamp song lyrics are penned down by Wilbur Soot.

Amazon Standing Lamp Lyrics

Hi, it’s been a while
Oh, I could stop on by
I wonder if you’ll hear this when I’m done
It’s gonna be a lot more till I’m gone
Waste inside my mind
Bloodshot eyes on empty sheets
It’s all downhill, 2013
Ostentatious, Austin, Texas
I get so drunk I can barely see
Hit me now before this gets too cute
Don’t make me beg in this hotel room
You’d think it’d get a lot easier without you

But you were right
There’s so much shit inside my mind
I must confess the second time
A lot of friends have left my life
Escaping my tractor bеam of woe
One small kiss and off they go
Crying in deep vibrato

Midday missionary
Midnight loathing
Midnight cowgirl
Morning smoking

Mе and my girl could go on high
My girl’s the world, she fucks my life
A top-heavy Amazon Standing Lamp’s
The only light left in my life
A top-heavy Amazon Basic Standing Lamp’s
The only light left in my life

No, no you won’t get nothing


Song: Amazon Standing Lamp
Artist: Wilbur Soot
Album: Mammalian Sighing Reflex (2023)
Music: Wilbur Soot
Lyrics: Wilbur Soot

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