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ANXIOUS EATER Lyrics by NNAMDÏ, from the album “Please Have A Seat“, music has been produced by NNAMDÏ, and I Don’t Wanna Be Famous song lyrics are penned down by NNAMDÏ.


Kid can’t spot a crack in the crease
Broke back, Heath snagged in your teeth
Two laps I need for these cheeks
They dropping off cake, I’m eating for weeks
Too bad I laughed with the baddest
No baggage, imagine clear ceilings
Too laxed for new feelings
Teeth bore like Cruise laugh
A couch with blue satin splashed in two baths

Who’s that with the crown?
Damn, they ate it up
Damn, I can’t make it up
Damn, ain’t no regular man
Make me want act out
I’m so sick of the ground
Show me something I can’t
Put my finger on
Damn (Who’s that?)
Who’s that with the crown?
Damn, there ain’t nothing I can’t do
All that I’ve been through
Got my arms tense when
I get my advance
I’m hitting that dance move

Kicked back and relaxed in my seat
Right back where the action might be
Still ask my past be discreet
Might drive of the edge and crash in my dreams

Lost track of the calendar week
Brain raising the taxes on sleep
Shell out the tortoise bought cleats
The race is delayed
Got lost in the sheets

Truth came at a moment of panic
Tongue pressed to the back of your teeth
No lies I read em and weep
The price? Honesty
I’d trade it to see

Rain down on me

Crash test dummy
Broken arm in two places
Mask on asked for help to tie the shoelace
Trash talk ask me if I’m riding
Blue waves
Might be too late
Might be bootlegged
Passed out hand me downs drive through two states
Met a man sweeter than the average kool aid
Hotel hangin looking down for 2 days
Cost a few faces
Turned a few shades

All of the days could end the same
Turn around like you don’t notice
Head down
Turn around
Don’t turn around

Busy going through the motions
Turn around like you don’t notice
Head down
Turn around
Don’t turn around


Artist: NNAMDÏ
Album: Please Have A Seat (2022)
Lyrics: NNAMDÏ

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