Be Careful With Yourself Lyrics by Julia Jacklin, from the album ” PRE PLEASURE “, music has been produced by Marcus Paquin & Julia Jacklin, and Be Careful With Yourself song lyrics are penned down by Julia Jacklin.

Be Careful With Yourself Lyrics

Please stop smoking, want your life to last a long time
If you don’t stop smoking, I’ll have to start, shorten mine
When you go driving, would you stick to the limit?
I’m making plans for my future and I plan on you being in it

Ah, ah
Ah, ah

When things get too hard, make sure that you’re talking
I know you were raised by the church and encouraged to keep it all in
I’ve seen enough now to know that this is special
So I’m just asking politely if you’d just try and be careful with yourself

Ah, ah
Ah, ah

Please make sure you have got a little savings
We have to try to be prepared for things changing
I’ll keep the car in the drivе, if you maintain the house
Let’s keep all our doctors appointmеnts, give voice to our doubts

Ah, ah
Ah, ah

From now on, in you I put all my trust
Now that I know there’s nobody coming to save us


Song: Be Careful With Yourself
Album: PRE PLEASURE (2022)
Singer: Julia Jacklin
Music: Marcus Paquin & Julia Jacklin
Lyrics: Julia Jacklin

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