Bimbo Beta Pi Rules Lyrics by Scene Queen, from the album “Bimbocore (Vinyl Release)“, and Bimbo Beta Pi Rules song lyrics are penned down by Scene Queen.

Bimbo Beta Pi Rules Lyrics

(I wanna go BBπ, and you wanna go BBπ, and we wanna go BBπ, Bimbo Beta Pi, or die)
Thank you for taking the first steps of becoming an official member of Bimbo Beta Pi. Here at Bimbo Beta Pi, we believe that we’re superior, we are super superior. Lemme lay out some ground rules for what it take to become an official member of Bimbo Beta Pi. Rule number one, you must always wear pink. Rule number two, you must always feel hotter than everybody еlse. Rule number three, you must always bе hotter than everybody else. We are hotter than everybody else. Bimbo Beta Pi is a sorority for all genders, all religions, all sexualities. You just generally have to be and feel hotter than everybody else. Hehehe, just kidding. Or not


Song: Bimbo Beta Pi Rules
Artist: Scene Queen
Album: Bimbocore (Vinyl Release) (2022)
Lyrics: Scene Queen

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