Boss Blues Lyrics by Quin NFN & Sauce Walka, music has been produced by FOREVEROLLING, Audiovista & Kam Johnson, and Boss Blues song lyrics are penned down by Quin NFN, Sauce Walka, FOREVEROLLING, Audiovista & Kam Johnson.

Boss Blues Lyrics

I lost granny I had to hit the knees
Diamonds on white tees
Walk inside the club don’t ID’s cause we in VIP
Everything I do is B.I.G before a G.I.G
Nowadays it’s Christian Dior sneaks but it was L.R.G (ni**a)
Ain’t no need for searchin’ we gone sneak him in
These ni**as this shit a game, this ain’t no P.S.N
Now we got hits C.P.N apartment all on CNN
Free my brother Flame up out that cage, he bangin’ GDM
We secured our time we been on our grind
I still talk to bros once at a time but I still hope they fine yeah
Don’t go reachin’ for the iron cause I can’t give you mine
Ni**as hatin’ but they probably some fans, need to make up thеir mind, yeah
I got rich outside of school without a GED
We was watchin’ PBS but now wе visit B.E.T
All these diamonds VVS look like I signed with TMT, huh
Sittin’ proper with this chopper, call me NLE
Huh huh
Dozin’ off of Wock, I got a mean habit
I just spilled a tray of Trish’ on this Givenchy jean jacket, ni**a
And I can’t spin with all my friends cause they might need practice
Ask my dawg to put me on a play he act like he ain’t have it
Press and drank I call it double dose, we sell a bunch of smoke
Pull up on some MC Hammer shit cause you ain’t touchin’ bro
Pussy ni**as tryna drop they nuts like they ain’t run before
And on the stage I’m fine cause I got iron inside a bubble coat, ni**a
Muggin’ in the club you must not like the hoes
I just seen a dime over there fine I told her strike a pose
Lil bro probably out his body he might wipe his nose
I did this shit straight off the top like I ain’t write before

All my hitters in the field this the NFL
Never do no business with no snitch cause we know he gone tell
Have you all over ABC news over squeezin’ shells
Catch a case for ni**as that you love, turn they back and fail
Used to fight at YMCA’s then we fought in jail
Lost so many P’s in the air, want to fight the mail
Breakin’ in UPS trucks when we ran out of sells
Drops hit too hard I started pimpin’ bitches then Chanel
Angels frownin’ on me, why the demon smilin’ on me?
Made a half a million dollars tried to share with my homies
The growth separate and my own men hated
It was my own team, me and my twin made it
Imagine being raised in the league full of killers
Money start to roll in, now you shootin’ at your hitters
Cause they played wit’ ya
Same ni**as that you fed when they stayed wit’ ya
Robbin’ D-boys and pimps on the blade wit’ ya
Fightin’ other sets, really gang bang wit’ ya
Now he is a lane switcher
That betrayal pain hit ya
They wonder why we flashin’ all that money in these pictures
We survived the gutter ni**a


Song: Boss Blues
Artist: Quin NFN & Sauce Walka
Music: FOREVEROLLING, Audiovista & Kam Johnson
Lyrics: Quin NFN, Sauce Walka, FOREVEROLLING, Audiovista & Kam Johnson

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