Brick by Brick Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Wun Two, from the album “PALERMO“, music has been produced by Wun Two & Conway the Machine, and Brick by Brick song lyrics are penned down by Conway the Machine & Wun Two.

Brick by Brick Lyrics

Snoop doggy dogg
You need to go get a jobby job
Missile shit
All day long, ni**a
Missiles all day long, ni**a
I don’t know why y’all ni**as keep playing with my name
F*ck about so and so, this the Machine bitch

Look, look
You know I spit in the pot, when I whip that brick
Come back so good I had to kiss my wrist
Bitches play my songs in the whip, like this my shit
Look how I’m gaining on these rap ni**as inch by inch
Look, I’m still a G, won’t ever switch my pitch
Blood on my union tools, I gotta switch my kicks
And I still rock the drip by Rick
It’s Drumwork motherf*cker, and I build this shit brick by brick
Like I’m Frank The Saint
But this new tape about to take the cake
Used to bag ounces up in 20s, I would scrape the plate
Chop until the razor break, look
They say he great, I mean you heard God Don’t Make Mistakes
But when I dropped WON’T HE DO IT, I’ma break the bank
I make faces break like a uppercut to the face with Tank Davis strength
Just tell me the day and date
I’m pulling up, hoodie up, fully tucked
Ni**as ain’t gone bully us
Woulda, coulda, shoulda
That shit ain’t good enough
The Rollie bezel boogered up
Them rap ni**as y’all dickriding ain’t good as us
Ain’t hood enough, I’m still eating ni**a, I ain’t full enough
Word to my ni**a OJ all my shit be fully bust
Machine, bitch


Song: Brick by Brick
Artist: Conway the Machine & Wun Two
Album: PALERMO (2023)
Music: Wun Two & Conway the Machine
Lyrics: Conway the Machine & Wun Two

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