Burfict! Lyrics by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown, from the album “SCARING THE HOES“, music has been produced by JPEGMAFIA, and Burfict! song lyrics are penned down by Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA.

Burfict! Lyrics

(You think you know-)

Like NASCAR (Check)
Nigga you better not go there (Style)
But you better get your mind right ‘fore I leave that shit all over that windshield (Uh-huh)
I’m real right, gonna stand on it (Uh-huh)
Raw how I fuck, Plan B on it
It’s a wonder I ain’t got a lot of kids ’cause I just pull up and spray on it (Go)

Alright, okay, okay (Uh-huh)
I see what you’re doin’ (Style)
I done came up in the ruins
Now I step out, it’s ahs and oohin’ (Style)
Baby, hey-hey, hey-hey, (Hey-hey)
Goin’ down like mayday (Yeah)
I’ma make it do what it do
How she do what I say, you would think I knew voodoo, baby (Style)
Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy (Ayy-ayy)

It’s hard like Sudoku (Uh)
So I put it in her duke shoot
Netflix and chill on a jail broken Roku (Style)
Get new troops, fucking with a loose screw
I’ma just shoot then yell out, “Too-da-loo” (Hahahahaha)
He was talking, he a crypto
Still sent his ass up to the moon
Actin’ like I know who he is, and I’m lookin’ like “Who are you?” (Style)
It’s Peggy and Danny, everybody know us in the cobra clutch (Yeah)
Got the game on a crutch (Yeah), and these niggas all- (Uh)
Got ’em feeling like we supervillains, and we done just cliqued up

And you know I don’t know any other name tonight under the heavens

Walk in this bitch with a Wock’ (A Wock’)
Fuck what you heard, bitch, I’m toxic (I am)
Rappers be callin’ the cops (They do)
Civilians thinkin’ we opps (Fuck)
Bitch, the shit that I flash ain’t a prop (No)
All my exes done turned into opps
Gimme that Nancy, gimme that Ruth
Gimme that Barbara, take out the tooth
I feel like Trump when I step in the booth (Yeah)
Drippin’ like Rudy, you know how I do
Stick for the mooliani’s
(Click, clack) Now I’m playing zombies
Choppas like NATO, that shit come in caseloads
Dogs cover they face, that bitch Mach-Hommy
Gimme that Rogan, gimme that whoo
Hit it like H-Town, knockin’ them boots
Dirty 30 and my dick now the truth
Frank Lucas got my bitch feeling blue (Straight)
Crack in the booth
Feeling like Speed who gon’ stop me? Not you
Couldn’t shop if the store ain’t have EBT too
Now it’s vente pa’cá, bitch bring that money through
Nigga, I do this for fun
They hide behind money like T.T.S. Duns (Ah)
I heard niggas wanna attack my show
Bitch, do I look like Olivia Munn?

Okay, okay (Uh-huh)
I see what you’re doing (Style)
I done came up in the ruins
Now it’s that prop, it’s ah’s and ooh’ing (Style)
Baby, hey, hey, hey, hey, (Hey, hey)
Going down like mayday (Yeah)
I’ma make it do what it do
How she do what I say, you would think I knew voodoo, baby (Step)


Song: Burfict!
Artist: JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
Album: SCARING THE HOES (2023)
Lyrics: Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA

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