Butterfly Valley Lyrics by Knock Monsterr ft. Actually Not Hayden, from the album “Kind Stranger“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by Knock Monsterr, and Butterfly Valley song lyrics are penned down by Knock Monsterr & Actually Not Hayden.

Butterfly Valley Lyrics

A wasp cannot take down this beast
There must be something more powerful

Butterfly valley, I keep my spirit reborn
Floatin’ out the window, floating on my sins though
Life in a blink, that’s a thing you’d never question
I look in my reflection, that’s a demon with a halo
New shirt, I can’t show em its a dress though
She ain’t say shit, but I know she impressed though
Only hang around you while I’m on the meds
Old friends, dead to me, keep a eye open, X O
Yeah, yeah, throw me on the stage, I
Run off with the wife of Mr. Thе Rage, I
Started writing pages in a sеnsory repressed tank
They see me winning, they turn into Depressed Hank
Can’t produce for a mid-rapper scumbag
Out here feeling like trash, guess that makes me an empath
Kinda fucked how they threw me in the back
Ran back out the door, grippy socks on the mat like whoa
Put ’em on the map, now need some white-out
They only love to talk shit, yeah, when its light out
Right now, make moves that fill up bandwagons
Archetypical feminine chaos swaggin’
Dragging bitches ’cause you know they deserve it
I know you know I know you get on my nerves, bitch
Shouldn’t really fuck with you, but I gave you the courtesy
No one understands me, man, I feel like cryptocurrency
Currently hottest bitch alive that’s imaginary
Figment, possessing your mind like I’m Bloody Mary
Voluntarily ripping apart for a big name
Only hit the function for the money like Squid Game
Watch me move like butterfly
Change the fate of the world as time flies
Change the fate of your girl when she hit my line
Watch me move, watch me move in the limelight, damn!

Feeling for the streets when I’m at the gay club
LGBT West Elm C-Caleb
Still the taste of your lip gloss, I miss it
You kiss so good and I’m pissed off you’re with him, fuck
You know your dude’s only six foot two in the boots
And his IP address is more cringe than his shoes
It’s one nine—
Just get undressed and join me in my house of balloons
Worst in the group chat, best in the notes app
I know I look bad, still gonna post that
Fuck glamor, fuck beauty, you can quote that
Never gonna act like I want to have no fat
Dad-bod sadboy Britpop Poser
Railing these pills like my name Mike Posner
No photos, I don’t work for exposure
No photos, I don’t work for exposure

That’s good
That’s good, I think


Song: Butterfly Valley
Singer: Knock Monsterr ft. Actually Not Hayden
Album: Kind Stranger (2022)
Music: Knock Monsterr
Lyrics: Knock Monsterr & Actually Not Hayden

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