Cali Girl Dreams Lyrics by Beyoncé Ft. Joy Bryant & Rah Digga, from the album “MTV’s Hip Hopera Soundtrack: Carmen”, music has been produced by Beyoncé, and Cali Girl Dreams song lyrics are penned down by Beyoncé.

Cali Girl Dreams Lyrics

Carmen why you bugin’, this ain’t time for lovin’
Blaze got the doe we should stick it in the oven

Big boy clubbing, no more this kid scrubbing, up in Roscoes grubbing
Keep the busiest commin’

You know he do cats and keep running staying on sunset
Air force oneing, You know me and Nicki got the duce on the sicky
Tripping cause the ready came at hit you with a hickey

You got the dreams, all we need is the beams
Nineteen, Nineteen
Ice cream, Vanilla bean

It might seem, but everything that glitters don’t bling
I ain’t ever net these brothers hows that the right thing


Song: Cali Girl Dreams
Artist: Beyoncé Ft. Joy Bryant & Rah Digga
Album: MTV’s Hip Hopera Soundtrack: Carmen (2001)
Music: Beyoncé
Lyrics: Beyoncé

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