Call Me Never! (Skit) Lyrics by Royce da 5’9″, From the Album “Death is Certain“, Music has been produced by Asar, and Call Me Never! (Skit) Song lyrics are penned down by Royce da 5’9″.

Call Me Never! (Skit) Lyrics

*phone is picks up, Royce enters number*

Please enter your password

*beeping in password*

You have 8 new voice messages and 11 saved messages
New messages
11:23 PM

Christina: Hey Roycie, It’s Christina, Rebecca
Rebecca: Becky here, hey Royce? You know. If you would start calling because we’re been in every single record store
Christina: Like, fucking everywhere, dude
Rebecca: Like, it’s like, it’s amazing ’cause no one has heard of you, and, like, we can not find your album
Christina: We can not find your fucking album, like what the fuck, guy?
Rebecca: It’s like, you know, we don’t really do those things that we did with you, but we only do them with rappers, and then we thought you are a rapper, and
Christina: We can not find your fucking album
Rebecca: It’s like, come on
Christina: What the fuck? It’s like, Like send it to us. Like, prove it
Rebecca: Like, I’m gonna call you back in, like, a couple hours. Hopefully, you’ll answer your phone because this voicemail shit is really wack. Airight, cool


New message
11:31 PM

Hello Mr. Royce, this is your neighbor, Manny Patel, calling. Please turn the damn music down. My kids are sleeping. They can not get enough rest. I am going to call the police if you do not turn the music down. Please. Okay? Thank you


New message
1:38 AM

Hello, Royce. This is Mbello again. I keep calling you, I’m leaving messages, but you don’t return my phone call. I have the artist that I want you to listen to. He is also my brother. Please listen to the demo. I’m going to send it to you tomorrow. Okay? I’m calling you back. It is very, very important, ’cause Africa is not right for me


New message
1:41 AM

Ayo Royce. Yo, what’s the deal, pa? This is DJ Premier checking in, you know what I’m saying. I got that beat for you that you wanted. It’s kinda decent. Let me see if you got some shit to spit to that. Alright? Holler at me when you get the chance. You got the number


*phone hangs up*


Song: Call Me Never! (Skit)
Album: Death is Certain (2004)
Artist: Royce da 5’9″
Music: Asar
Lyrics: Royce da 5’9″

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