Call on Me Lyrics by iayze, from the album “Reverence“,  music has been produced by Cullen & Hecto, and Call on Me song lyrics are penned down by iayze.

Call on Me Lyrics

(Woo, woah, woo, woah)
(Why should people care? I don’t know)

Be locked in like all night
Carbon on me, I don’t fight, huh
Callin’ on me, I’ll be right there
And I came too far, they say it’s not fair
I’ve been battling lost things
Heartaches gon’ stop pain
Heartaches or drugs are the same
It be really hard not to disclaim me
Ridin’ round with hella bangs
She say “Jace drop bangers”
Still the same nigga, may bangin’

Didn’t I tell you that [?]
Smokin’ on [?] til the [?], like watchu say?
Way too loud, way too loud, way too loud

Huh, hop in that bitch and it got motion
VS1 diamond this shit frozen
Ima [?] and bitch you can notice
Come around here it’s dangerous
How yo ass ain’t notice?
My shooter’ll make you famous
Calico, we get to blowin’
Get to blowin, how you up with no motion
Shootin’ that shit, ain’t shit kosher
NBA, I’m free throwin’
Huh, free throwin’, whip it out then she blowin’
7.62, free throwin’
Throw back a pill, free throwin’

You know
Reverence is when
You got a strong love for something
I’ma show y’all that
Top Kid Monopoly


Song: Call on Me
Artist: iayze
Album: Reverence (2023)
Music:Cullen & Hecto
Lyrics: iayze

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