Cannonball Lyrics by Avril Lavigne, latest english song 2022, from the album “Love Sux“, music has been given by Travis Barker & John Feldmann, and Cannonball song lyrics are penned down by MMOD SUN, John Feldmann & Avril Lavigne.

Cannonball Lyrics

Like a ticking time bomb, I’m about to explode
And motherfuckers, let’s go

Take your best shot
Give me all that you’ve got
I’ll come in hot like a cannonball

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Song: Cannonball
Album: Love Sux (2022)
Singer: Avril Lavigne
Lyrics: MOD SUN, John Feldmann & Avril Lavigne
Music: Travis Barker & John Feldmann
Genre: Pop, Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock

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