Can’t Believe We’re Here Lyrics by J Mascis, from the album “What Do We Do Now“, music has been produced by J Mascis, and Can’t Believe We’re Here song lyrics are penned down by J Mascis.

Can’t Believe We’re Here Lyrics

Everybody made a fuss
Hard to know that it’s one of us
Everybody said no way
Can’t believe you couldn’t stay

If we’re back up strong
Not sure what the doubt is
Can we speak about what’s gone
All the ways it’s going wrong

Explanation just can’t win
Gotta crawl out of my skin
Can I tag along
Will I wind up feeling

Hey now take a ride in
See what you can find
If it’s all gone wrong
I don’t wanna be there

Can’t believe we’re here
It’s a shame I’m wasted
But to remember what you said
You’re just charging straight ahead
Take with you to come downstairs
It’s not the same it’s just not fair

Can we back up strong
I don’t wanna fight it
Will I end up wrong
Not sure what the point is

Get up every day and try
Dream a home on some side
Try to patch this hole inside
So I can tell you where I’ll find


Song: Can’t Believe We’re Here
Artist: J Mascis
Album: What Do We Do Now (2024)
Music: J Mascis
Lyrics: J Mascis

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