Cant Tell Me Nun Lyrics by GetRichZay, From the Album “Pilot St – EP“, Music has been produced by CMOFLEXX, and Cant Tell Me Nun song lyrics are penned down by GetRichZay.

Cant Tell Me Nun Lyrics

(That’s how you do it, CMO)
Just recordin’ an intro and shit
Free all them members, on six (Free Rachi, long live Fifty, you know what the fuck goin’ on)
Yeah, yeah (You know, you know)
Phew (I feel like Tony, I feel like—), gang

I take these pills with peace in mind, when P set the time (When P set the time)
Uh, sip this cup to help me out, this shit slow me down (This shit slow me down)
Uh, I get lost deep in my thoughts, who gon’ hold it down? (Who gon’ hold it down?)
Uh, shooters headfirst ’bout that boy, he the golden child (He the golden child)
Uh, said it’s smoke, whenever it’s up them young niggas blow it down (Young niggas blow it down)
Uh, one night only, the bitch got’ fuck, ho can’t come around (Ho can’t come around)
Uh, rich shooter, old niggas mad, them young niggas turn around
Uh, get that drop, them boys gon’ slip and slide like Wet ‘n Wild (Wet ‘n Wild)
She know, day one, always got on Off-White, bitch, that’s just my style (That’s just my style)
Take these drugs ’cause I’m not alright, been seein’ demon since I was a child (Since I was a child)
I done fucked up bad last month, I ain’t shop at Neimans for a while
That bitch amazed just how I’m livin’, this shit I do make a bitch say, “Wow” (That bitch say, “Wow”)
Every time we spin they block, somebody get touched, that’s man down (Man down, phew)
We get straight in for too long, I told myself, “We ain’t stayin’ down” (Down)
I told lil’ bro, “When you catch an opp, you paint his face like a fuckin’ clown” (Clown)
You think them lil’ niggas stand in one spot, although they done fucked around
Uh, told my nigga, “Forget these hoes, it’s time go get that dough” (Time go get that— phew, bah)
Uh, uh, just take caution whenever it’s time go answer your door (Phew, let’s go)
I can’t pop out without that fire, everywhere I go gotta take that pole (Take that pole)
Play with that gang, get exposed, we collected, dead soul (Aight, come on)

They gon’ step wherever as soon as I tell ’em (Shh), “Go,” yeah, yeah
They gon’ step wherever as soon as I tell ’em, “Go (Go),” yeah, yeah
They gon’ step wherever as soon as I tell ’em, “Go” (Go, aight, come on)
He get questioned about the heat, just tuck it, tell ’em nothin’ (Aight, come on)
Uh, he tryna hit shit, you ain’t shit, can’t tell me nothin’
Feel like this shit that’s happenin’ now, that’s just to proof the shit we done (Proof the shit we done)
Think she turnt, tryna hang with a slime, he told me, “That’s goin’ like a nothin'”
Long live Crazy and Fifty, I wish they was here to see the shit we done (It’s crazy, aight, come on)

They just try to assume some shit, but a young nigga makin’ up money, it’s crazy
Pussy got gassed up by all his dogs, he died at the pump (Phew, aight, come on)
When that boy got hit with that 5.56, he was doin’ the crunk
I don’t fuck with none of these niggas (Word), they think GetRich done voted for Trump (Trump, yeah)

SIx shit, you know, get your bitch hit
Gang shit, no lame shit
Stay in your lane, bitch, you know we bust brains quick
Free Rachi, bae, bae
Long live SpotEm
Fifty Gang


Song: Cant Tell Me Nun
Album: Pilot St – EP (2022)
Artist: GetRichZay
Lyrics: GetRichZay

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