Caravan* Lyrics by JID, from the album ” The Forever Story“, and Caravan* song lyrics are penned by JID.

Caravan* Lyrics


You could tell a nigga like me ain’t never had shit
R.I.P. I miss my dogs like Mike Vick
Zombies and at midnight fall them bars sick
Gon’ fall victim to a gun brawl started over some bitches
Niggas trippin they takin’ whatevers givin’
The irony when a nigga starvin’ gotta grip a pigskin
Jump the fence, empty all the dishes out ya kitchen
If ya witness it then [?] spill the grits, spill the kid
Fuck a crack catch, kill him, who tryna take the hit
First take, go to first base, Stephen A. Smith Wes
On the hip, talkin’ shit like Skip
Or Shannon Sharpe shootin’ off the top of the cliff
I gotta bring it to you cowards then its gonna bе sick
Put in my ten thousand hours while the clock still tick
Zonе 6, five fingers with the [?] bust her lip
Feel the pressure like a bus pipe drip
Blood red, rum sippin’ they ain’t cut like this
Mama said
I ain’t got cheeseburger money make a sandwich
Why you bein’ bad?
Bad kids in the caravan

You can tell a nigga like me, ain’t met a nigga like me
Metaphysical things seen and dream what you believe
You bleed, I bleed, then draw blood
Im a fucking artist, Artest with the gun
I can give my world peace, give your world ether
Big dick or grief, I can give your girl either
She could be the, could be the collapse of the kingdom
But Kings gotta peep the [?], word to Caesar
Remind me to keep receipts, y’all shit weak
And I’m sorry that your bullshit leaked
See the volume it speaks to your broke speakers
Niggas breakin’ they back tryna promote some shit that ain’t even dope
They ask for my coat when I walk through the door
God flow, I don’t walk on the floor
God knows yall hoes, yall shows ain’t packing the door
Crackin’ the floor, I don’t need no niggas rappin no more


Song: Caravan*
Album: The Forever Story (2022)
Singer: JID
Lyrics: JID

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