Chanel Pearls Lyrics by Conway the Machine, Featuring Jill Scott, from the album “GOD DON’T MAKE MISTAKES“, and Conway the Machine Chanel Pearls song are written by Jill Scott & Conway the Machine.

Chanel Pearls Lyrics – Conway the Machine

Yeah, let me see that lighter

Cuttin’ through in that Rolls
Draco on the seat, I hope I’m makin’ it home
Head on a swivel, I always stay on my toes
The ones you love most wanna know what your safe really hold

No morals in the streets now, niggas breakin’ the code
Smoke a blunt of pressure, this fame is takin’ it’s toll
I’m thinkin’ ain’t no shows, I need a break from the road
Put niggas in position, they still ungrateful, it shows

It’s fuckin’ up my energy, shit is makin’ me cold
My life a series of drama just like them HBO shows
When I die, I’m goin’ out like the pharaoh, drape me in gold
I’m still gon’ run this shit until I’m eighty years old

They realizin’ lately, I’m the one that’s been takin’ control
Private table, [?] when we leave Miami Beach
And I brought sand to beach, your kiss taste like a can of peaches
You got that shit on you, killin’ them, that’s just Annalise

You about to get away with murder, you my Annalise
Got you the bust down Carti’, that’s thirty bands at least
Chanel pearls, Chanel bag hold that Lambo key
You always held me down, you knew me back when I ran the streets

Back when if you want some weed, I was the man to see
Back when I was trappin’ with a scale and some paraphernalia
Now when I’m buyin’ drip, I get measured and tailored
My accomplishments, some of my day ones never was there for

I just realized they feel like my success is their failure
Yeah, you wanna be a boss, you be resilient when pressure gon’ build up
Some niggas gon’ have issues with you and never gon’ tell you

Even in the [?]
Hand in our hands, lyrical artisan
You’ll never know the whole plan
You’ll never know


Song: Chanel Pearls
Artist: Conway the Machine
Featuring: Jill Scott
Written By: Jill Scott & Conway the Machine
Release Date: June 2021

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