Circle Lyrics by Subsonic Eye, from the album “All Around You“, music has been produced by Subsonic Eye, and Circle song lyrics are penned down by Subsonic Eye.

Circle Lyrics

Dead end again
You ditched me like before
Stumbling around
Blindly reaching out

It’s just a circle
Stuck in this labyrinth

Dead end again
Waiting for my number
Thousands before
Never inching closer

Always I find me
In my crafted hell
Tell me why can’t I
Understand you
And the things
You make me do

They might be onto me
They’re reading my written thoughts
They might be onto me
I can’t stand it
I know you’re right next to me!

They might be onto me
Tell me what I have to do
And I’ll do it right now!


Song: Circle
Artist: Subsonic Eye
Album: All Around You (2023)
Music: Subsonic Eye
Lyrics: Subsonic Eye

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