Climb The Ladder Lyrics by IndigoChildRick, from the album “SLEEPING WITH JEANS ON“, music has been produced by IndigoChildRick, and Climb The Ladder song lyrics are penned down by IndigoChildRick.

Climb The Ladder Lyrics

It’s all delusion
Why they won’t buy it?
Feel like an old car with low milage
It don’t matter if it still work
You outdated from the old line missing all the perks
Thought they was turning heads because the profile
But they was turning heads cause they ain’t see you in a while
When milk goes sour
Rose water turns vile
Bored of them old toys, we throw ‘em in the pile
Something like a child
But chile I been gone for a minute
Acting like that really makes a differencе
Up in the beginning but life ain’t so forgiving
Trippin’ by thе way I’m living
Who hell you kidding?
Why flaunt like I’m new when I got old features
Things still expire when you throw ‘em in the freezer
Growing from a boy to man to a geezer
Quicker than the growth of a ‘fro from a caesar
When we was in the streets ain’t looking for no teacher
Fell asleep in church we ain’t ever hear the preacher
Worried bout money, girls and then a pair of sneakers
When you old life’s a sport you can’t sit on the bleachers just to take a break
Watch the days start to tear by
Tryna save your youth, the truth, you tryna save your hairline
Traumatized from the good, the bad and what went wrong
Nothing lasts forever, yet we still tryna hold on


You lose
They had a long week
Glasses on with a mask on but they saw me
(it’s over) it’s all me
Told ya
Tryna swarm me, it’s an army
We in the lobby
Said “oh lordy, that walkie talkie”
Hold up, she had that body-ody-ody
Back and forth with ‘em on walkie talkie
I gotta know
Feel lofty
Denim shorts
It was all cheeks, uh
Living room
They was all freaks
How they listen up
I got more to see
That stain on her hoodie (expletive)
That’s all (expletive)
Ain’t no gas
You smoking on the parsley
Stop it
Ain’t even get a chance to beat
Keep watchin’
Ran out of luck
Make em just watch and see
Yea that’s enough


Song: Climb The Ladder
Artist: IndigoChildRick
Music: IndigoChildRick
Lyrics: IndigoChildRick

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