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Clones Lyrics by BlueBucksClan, from the album “Clan Way“, music has been produced by Yung Pear, and Clones song lyrics are penned down by BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy.

Clones Lyrics

Niggas tryna be my clone
Fendi drippin’ on my bones (Drippin’ on my bones)

Niggas tryna be my clone (My clone)
Fendi drippin’ on my bones (My bones)
Makin’ plays on these phones (On these phones)
Once I get ’em, then they gone (It’s gone)
Louis V, fuck them Foams (Fuck them Foams)
Watch me ball in my zone (In my zone)
Had a pack, now it’s gone (It’s gone)
I was down, now I’m on (Now I’m on)
She on dick ’cause I’m on (She on dick)
YSL my cologne (My cologne)
Plus I’m blowin’ on that strong (On that strong)
I’m the king, this my throne (This my throne)
Me and my dawgs finna roam (Finna roam)
Lil’ niggas go home (Go home)
You ain’t fly, you a bum (You a bum)
And I’m off just like gum (Just like gum)
Love the bitch ’til I cum (‘Til I cum)
Sippin’ juice, ain’t no rum
Talkin’ shit like the runs (Like the runs)
Cool as fuck but got guns (We got guns)
Yeah, we get bands for fun (Yeah for fun)
All these blues, all these hunds’ (All these hunds’)
All these hoes call me hun (Call me hun)
Givin’ head, hit her buns (Hit her buns)
Backshots, don’t run (Please don’t run)
Yeah we do this shit for fun (Fun)
You got insufficient funds (On God)
Came for the hoes but we gon’ bust (On God)
In the coupe like I’m Homer doing donuts (Doing donuts)
Nigga, I don’t fuck with groupies, you don’t know us (Hell nah)
Finna send this lil’ nigga on a store run (Lil’ nigga)
She sucking dick real sloppy, I can’t feel nothin’ (God damn)
Gave a nigga good brain, man, she go dumb (Good brain)
You was talking on the ‘Gram, nigga, don’t run (Nigga, don’t run)
Let me see if he can run from the shotgun (Dumbass)
Niggas shopping at Target
We pull up, we park it (Park it)
We pull up, we spark it (Spark it)
No talking, no barking (Barking)
We eating at Boardner’s (Boardner’s)
My niggas not starving (Starving)
I’m fly like a martian (Martian)
Drop fifty like Harden (Harden)
Let me slow this shit down for you lil’ niggas (Lil’ nigga)
Don’t compare no real niggas to no pussy niggas (Never-ever)
Don’t let Neezy see yo’ chain, he be booking niggas (He be booking niggas)
Weed loud like I’m Lucious, we got cookies wit’ us (We got cookies wit’ us)
Got that bag same day, I ain’t save shit (Same day)
Blue book in my pocket, hundred paid shit (Hundred paid)
Bad bitch ridin’ with me, she a beige bitch (Yeah, she beige)
Purse cost a bag but she ain’t pay shit (She ain’t pay shit)
Titties fleek, nails, feet, yeah, she slay shit (Yeah, she slay)
Good dick make that pussy spray shit (Make her spary)
Think she got a nigga but I ain’t gon’ say shit (I ain’t gon’ say shit)
Run these streets with my dawgs, yeah, on some straight shit (On some straight shit)
Niggas pocket watchin’, that’s that gay shit (Niggas gay)
Pull up in a foreign, its a spaceship (It’s a spaceship)
Yeah, back to back, you see us (Yeah, you see us)
Christian Loub’s bleedin’ on me, Lord Jesus (Father Lord)
Niggas squabble love like Cheetah (Like Cheetah)
Look at this bust down, yeah, it’s a freezer (It’s a freezer)
Billy pullin’ up in a Beamer (In a Beamer)
Keep wildin’ out, he a heathen (He’s a heathen)
Drippin’ like the motherfuckin’ deep end (Like the deep end)
Flaggin bitches down in traffic, I’ma ratchet (I’ma ratchet)
All these B’s on my body stand for Bally (Stand for Bally)
Really from the slums, you niggas from The Valley (You niggas lame)
Neiman Marcus, niggas shopping in the alley (You niggas bums)
Told yo’ bitch I wanna fuck, she sent the addy (She sent the addy)
Wasting food at Katanas, you at Rally’s (You at Rally’s)
Twenty-four, no kids, still daddy (Still daddy)
I don’t fuck no birds, all baddies (Haha)


Song: Clones
Artist: BlueBucksClan
Album: Clan Way (2022)
Music: Yung Pear
Lyrics: BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy

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