Coach B (Skit) Lyrics by North Ave Jax, From the Album “LaZy, but i have goals“, and Coach B (Skit) Song lyrics are penned down by North Ave Jax.

Coach B (Skit) Lyrics

What’s good, coach?
Jackson, can you step over here and come talk to me?
Yeah, what’s up?
Where were you yesterday?
You missed basketball practice
I know you don’t care, but you let me and the team down
But coach—
Zip it, I don’t wanna hear your voice, you have an excuse for everything
You’re failing your classes, you’re not showing up
Guess what? Since you don’t care
You’re not practicing and you’re running 1000 laps
Coach—, what?
Say somethin’ that I don’t like
Coach, what the fuck? Man…
Yeah, you’re not playing next game either, keep it up


Song: Coach B (Skit)
Album: LaZy, but i have goals (2022)
Artist: North Ave Jax
Lyrics: North Ave Jax

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