Come Alive Diana (Demo) Lyrics by Everything Everything, from the album “Man Alive [Deluxe Edition]“.

Come Alive Diana (Demo) Lyrics

(All my horses)
(Tried to put it)

Come alive, Diana
I don’t have time to dig a grave
But I know it’s the only option left to me
Now summer has sucked the stone and burst your tyres
On the shore, you found him
Warped and wild were his eyes
And they shook and they quivered in their sockets
Like a bullet, they ricocheted between your thighs
(Oh, he said)

Take me away from the
Guards, cannons and arms
To canyons and farms
Lay my able body down

Line the streets, Diana
With armoured cars, oh, column inch, timеless inch
Can you inch another centimеtre closer to hearts and minds?
You’ll win them yet
And it’s me, Diana
Who cradles all your [?]
With a drip, with a collar, with a semaphore, you
Cannot prepare yourself
You are a threat

And yes, it’s [?]
And like a slovenly cloud
That governs me now
I know where you hide the hoard
From the trail of earth you leave
Honestly [?]

So when you [?]
Leave this silence

Cold tears for the Taliban
Give me all your bodybags
Pray to the mothership
I could be the lover of a-

Space Diana
Whose limbs flap flaccid by your side
As it creeps
Ever closer to your coffin
When it gazes at all the words
You generate
Leave the young Diana
I stumble home and waste away
I believe
I will burn first through your calories[?]
Till all of our cells will merge [?]
That we create

And it’s just like the farm where we
Your highness away
But minus the clay
That you form a tablet from
May your tents command one last
Honestly [?]

And when you [?]

Ask the Pope to find a girl
[?] her eyes and so

Just give me the scales

Where is she?
Where is she?
We wanna know
She’s [?] so scared
And like a bald eagle
There’s no evil
To Praia de Luz her again
Just Praia de Luz her again

And it’s real, Diana [hey] [oo-o]
But the trend, Diana [hey] [oo-o]
Leave me up, Diana [hey] [oo-o]
I’m alone, Diana [hey] [oo-o]


Song: Come Alive Diana (Demo)
Artist: Everything Everything
Album: Man Alive [Deluxe Edition] (2023)

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