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Come Back Lyrics by Sharon Van Etten, from the album “We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong“, music has been produced by Sharon Van Etten & Daniel Knowles, and Come Back song lyrics are penned down by Sharon Van Etten.

Come Back Lyrics

Wall eyes
Ceiling felt too high
Nights were falling down skies
Was no look in the eyes
Subtle moments of past
What a wondering time
Come back

Swallowed over the stage
Turning into the rage
Wondering what forced the age
Towards tomorrow

Come back
Come back
Was wild and unsure
And naked and pure
Come back

Turning into the fear
Never something was here
Turning over my mind
Jumping on tenuous time

Come back
Come back
Moments of faith
Turning out late
Come back

Leaning over the stairs
Trying to see what is there
Or does anyone care?
Ominous state

Come back
Come back
Neighboring love
Won’t stay in the home
Come back

Come back
Come back
Moments of fire
Can turn the car on back home


Song: Come Back
Album: We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (2022)
Singer: Sharon Van Etten
Music: Sharon Van Etten & Daniel Knowles
Lyrics: Sharon Van Etten

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