Conversation Lyrics by Rozi Plain, from the album “Prize“, music has been produced by Rozi Plain & Jamie Whitby-Coles, and Conversation song lyrics are penned down by Rozi Plain.

Conversation Lyrics

What is it if it’s not?
Is it love when it stops?
If it stops
Sun is up so it’s hot
I feel strange, you do not
You do not

Move the conversation on
Move the conversation on

In and out, in and out
Bottomless doubt
In and out
A word in your ear if I may
Are you asking to leave
Or boldly stay?

Move the conversation on

You’re laden, so lie down
I’m laden
You’re laden, so lie down
I’m laden


Song: Conversation
Artist: Rozi Plain
Album: Prize (2023)
Music: Rozi Plain & Jamie Whitby-Coles
Lyrics: Rozi Plain

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