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Cory N’ Mel Lyrics by GRIP Ft. Tate228, from the album “5 & A F*** You“, music has been produced by Tedd Boyd, and Cory N’ Mel song lyrics are penned down by Tedd Boyd, GRIP, Henry Shoults & Ryan Jumper.

Cory N’ Mel Lyrics

This rap shit get boring as hell so I gotta story to tell bout Cory n Mel
Cory just hopped out the car wit his partner Lil Tevin cause he had a 40 for sale
Walked to his whip with the shit in his jacket a lack of emotion he held the shit in
Got in and pulled that bitch out just to stare at his ratchet ecstatic he let off a grin
Picked up his cell to hit up Jamel like wassup twin, drop the pin
Mel hit em back wit the addy and Cory responded wit bet, be there in 10
Mel was therе pacing but patiently waiting until he seen Cory Grand Am at the spot
Jumpеd in the passenger dapped him up like Wuts hannin bruh, now expand on the plot
Before I tell you bout this plan that I got
We been tryna get our hands on some knots
Everybody else juggin gettin to the money is we just gon stand here and watch
Ok my sister babydaddy getting them packs in, and movin em out
I know how that nigga move n i know where the straps hid, he keep 2 in the house
I know you prolly thinking how we finna attack? Shit it’s a few different routes
Wait til nobody home or rush in lay em flat then put the tool in his mouth
Duct tape his ass make em show us where the shit at, tell don’t move a inch
On God if that nigga flinch, fuck the talkin I’m blowin dis bitch

Old mask new Glock
Down to rob a nigga out his socks
Nigga dizzy busy spinning blocks
Straight gunplay I dont box
And it’s middle fingers to the cops
Itchy trigger finger for the ops
Better run it if I got the drop
Nigga fuck around get popped

Still trappin so hand me my scale
Getting packs and unwrapping em
Straight out the mail
Them Baby wipes cover the smell
Coming straight to the spot
And the vacants as well

My bitch aggravating as hell
Baby momma been calling and nagging player
I ain’t answer but text her what’s up
And she sent me a score about Cory and Mel

I read it twice in my head
Almost tripped
But I just
Text her back kinda stale
I love yo momma for real
But If they try me ill send yo lil brother to hell
Thank you
I done dodged shots from some opps
And some jackers attempted as well
Now Its cameras on top of the doors
And 4 more on they post
That’s surveilling they area

And that Drac on my lap
It a clap
Know I’m strapped
Like I’m dressed in snowboarding apparel
And It ain’t shit in this house but some
The dope been distributed
The bread in the shed
Think they getting in here
That’s what happen
When broke Niggas
Strung out on meds
Plus I know what they driving
So it ain’t no hiding
I’ll burn up that lil Camaro
They get close to this door
Then we upping the score
Know I’m ready for war
I’m prepared

Camera 2 I see movement
They really gone do this
I’m shooting
When they hit stairs
They look like they scared
30 quickly
Let go through the door
As it came off the hinge
Left em right where they stand
Breaking headline read
2 young white men dead


Song: Cory N’ Mel
Album: 5 & A F*** You (2022)
Singer: GRIP Ft. Tate228
Music: Tedd Boyd
Lyrics: Tedd Boyd, GRIP, Henry Shoults & Ryan Jumper

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