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Crazy Lyrics by IShowSpeed, from the album “Shake“, music has been produced by leroy (c0ncernn), and Crazy song lyrics are penned down by IShowSpeed.

Crazy Lyrics

Get lit
Everybody get lit
Get lit
Get lit, get lit
Everybody get lit
Everybody get lit
Everybody get lit
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Fucking ho
Speed gang, bitch, I’m [?]
[?] choppas [?]
Ain’t nobody giving fits, we in this bitch we hella rich
Sucking dick, we hella lit
And everybody turnt up bitch
And everybody’s leanin bitch
And everybody get lit
Everybody fuckin up we turning up up in this bitch
Throw a party, and it’s lit
She suckin’ on the—
She throw it down, she throw it down, it’s New Year’s in this bitch (Ayy)
I said it’s Speed gang, bitch, you see I [?]
She like a girl, she wants that girl, she wanna fuck her crew
She wanna rock [?], she wanna go like 40 [?]
I’m looking like [?] bitch, I’m in this lane
But, nah, though, let me stop playing
Let me get in my shit, let me get in my zan’
I gotta get the ice up, lookin’ like a fuckin’ hand
She wanna [?] on me, I told that bitch to go to sleep
She wanna fuck on me, I tell that bitch to lick my feet
I like the beat, I just wanna go and meet
And she prolly know it’s me, but it’s not, it’s really me (Ha)
Want to fucking go, but I tell her not to go (Uh)
Want a fucking losn? Bitch, I’m money broke

But I’m a cool ass kid
And I got a lil’ dick
But it’s a good ass day
I’on even know what the fuck to say

And they wonder why I’m gay
And they wonder why I’m gay
And they wonder why I eat ass
It’s because I’m crazy

Cray, cray, cray-cray-cray-cray-cray-cray (Uh-ah-ah-ah—)
Cray, cray, cray, cray-cray-cray (Uh-ah-ah—)
Uh, ah-ah, now!
Ugh, ayy, bleh-ah-ah-ah, cray-cray— uh-ah-uh-ah (What?)
Uh, wha— ah-ah-ah-ah-cray-ah-ah-ah (Cray-cray-cray)
Wha— uh, arf-arf-uh-ah-uh-ah-ah (Arf-arf-arf-arf!)
Uh, ah-ah-ah-uh-uh-ah-ah-ah (Arf-arf-arf!)
Cray, cray-cray-cray-cray-cray-cray-cray-cray-cray (Cray-cray-cray -cray-cray)
We crazy, we crazy
We so fucking crazy

Ha, we didn’t [?]
Bitch, you better fucking live (Better fucking live)
[?], put it up ya ass (Put it up ya ass)
Fuck class, bitch, I’m finna go to class (Finna go to class)
Fuck this song, I don’t really give a fuck (Give a fuck)
I just wanna rap and put it in yo’ butt (In yo’ butt)
Bitch, I’m finna fucking nut (Finna fucking nut)
We so crazy, [?], better live it up (Better live it up)

My life fucking su— s— su— (I—)
I’m an artist from the middle of nowhere
I’ve never gotten lu-lu— lu— cky—


Song: Crazy
Album: Speed (2022)
Singer: IShowSpeed
Music: ​leroy (c0ncernn)
Lyrics: IShowSpeed

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