Crooks & Castles Lyrics by Azizi Gibson, and From the Album “You Reap What You Sew“.

Crooks & Castles Lyrics

Where I’m from there ain’t no fine chinas, just Blac Chynas and crack diamonds Baby mommas, cops behind us, 20 inch rims on anything that you see drivin’ [Ayy! My n*gga!]
It’s on sight if you like it then you rob em, you talk it you betta pop it [Yoink]
Turn yo girl to a object
If evil when y’all object n*gga, no you won’t see a sunset n*gga
I know friends that share a oath with they triggers, give a fuck about figures, my n*gga these n*ggas!

Ain’t nobody here bitches!
Fuckin, pimpin, rollin, ridin, stylin, we resort to violence, we don’t give a shit bout dyin, fuck boys they keep multiplyin
We back outsiiiiiide [we back outside mothafucka], shit gets wiiiiild at night [I told you, go home n*gga], Bitch it’s raaah raaah raah, Bitch it’s raaah raaah raah

Bitches on my hip again, left me cause I fell in love with dividends, it’s riveting, you think I wouldn’t get more off of more ends?
All it showed you was the deceit in your friends
Tried to fuck me as soon as they got a chance, damn!
And them hoes wasn’t even fans they jus fucked with the swag, that’s why you hot and all that
Now my shorty know a n*gga all that
Got the green, don’t mean you all that
Shit, if a bitch got that and her ass fat, wooo! I might have to cop that
Fuck her in the back of my new S Class
Intelligent and sexy yeah that bitch an S Class
Everything’s paid in full, receipts in the trash bag
Bitch you ain’t close to me, why you tryna check so bad?


Song: Crooks & Castles
Album: You Reap What You Sew (2022)
Artist: Azizi Gibson

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