Cruel For Rats Lyrics by Guided by Voices, from the album “Nowhere To Go But Up“.

Cruel For Rats Lyrics

There’s no one home
I knock on the door
So I look once more
But there’s no one home

The woodland ghost coyote starving
(They’ve) replaced the monument you loved

Things that look
Don’t like me in your garden
Things that don’t look
Like me where I’m standing
You fend them off then
You find them all the time
Around here

But there’s no one home
But you’re never alonе
Never captured alonе
Where they take their own

It shows enough
Without the lightning
And where they go
They’ll make an off- offer

And no one home
And there’s no one home
There’s no one home

It shows enough
Without the lightning
It sheds enough
Without the light


Song: Cruel For Rats
Artist: Guided by Voices
Album: Nowhere To Go But Up (2023)

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