DAMN HOMIE Lyrics by yvngxchris Ft. Lil Yachty, and From the Album “VIRALITY“, Music has been produced by DeCarlo & BLWYRMND, and DAMN HOMIE song lyrics are penned down by DeCarlo, BLWYRMND, John Freeman, 50 Cent, Lil Yachty & ​yvngxchris.


Uh-uh, yeah
He shot first when we get back
Shoot up the party, we fuck up the kickback
I have my niggas pull up where you live at
And my niggas purgin’, we hop out Suburbans like Kyrie Irving by the way I’ma spin back
I feel like a waiter, these bullets I’m servin’, I pull that bitch out then I aim at your six-pack
Servin’ these bullets, I heard it was Christmas, we decorate your block with bullets
I put on my mask and I put on my hoodie, I pray to God that nobody got the footage
I’m pullin’ up slow and I roll down the window, I pass me an opp, I’m not afraid to pull it
And we givin’ him shots like a camera, just like the picture, you know that boy yvngxchris took it (Yeah, yvngxchris took it)
If you scared, get a dog, nigga
Shoot him in his leg and I told him, “Shake it off, nigga”
Do that nigga like Dwayne, I’ma get him rocked, nigga
You ain’t really nothin’ but a Shade Room blog nigga
Take her back to telly, get her gone with him
Tryna get a milf, might as well bring your mom with you
Put that bitch up on the bed, then I long dick her
Take a nigga whip, back then, used to rob niggas
Yeah, way back then, used to rock niggas
Way back then, used to do what I had to
Nowadays, I got a thousand of bitches but way back when, I was broke, I just had two

Damn, homie
In high school, bitch, I’m the man, homie
This shit is lit

Now I’m rockin’ the Belacartes with the Rick
Yeah, my money be flippin’, twerkin’, do a split
I’ma cut that boy like a surgeon, he a bitch
Or just put that lil’ bag on your head, you get hit
They was just hatin’, now on my dick
(Got Johnny Dang, all on my wrist)
Cop me a chain, it cost a brick
Shorty a fan, she want a pic’
And I’m rockin’ designer, I drop me a couple of bands on this fit
Why that boy in the house like he Cory? He postin’ ’em bands on his story, that boy is a lick
I don’t talk, better talk to the forty, I link with your shorty, that thot finna give me the spits
I’m droppin’ a bag when I’m shoppin’, when that nigga yvngxchris walk in, these niggas turn bitch

Do it myself, no assist (On God)
Walk in that bitch with a limp, told that bitch, “I don’t kiss”
Knowin’ I’m [?] at least (Cap)
Got my lil’ dawg or a lawyer to put him in a blitz
Knowin’ he’ll still do a bid (Yeah)
But them folks was givin’ ’em death, so anything is better than that (Oh)
I want my dog and a cat (Ice)
Post cellphones, all both, thank God I ain’t stuck in the trap, I used to scam before rap (Damn)
Rich hill sticks, got a cost on chops (Damn)
I just got me a switch, might go buy me a bitch (Damn)
Diamonds and bands, offset, front spot
Belly up in the Ritz, I fell in love with my wrist (Eee)
Twenty-four years, I stomped on Earth, I ain’t ask for shit, ain’t have a pot for piss
I sleep with one eye wide, my pride Tim Tebow slick
I be finessin’ a lick

It’s us, you know that


Album: VIRALITY (2022)
Artist: yvngxchris Ft. Lil Yachty
Music: DeCarlo & BLWYRMND
Lyrics: DeCarlo, BLWYRMND, John Freeman, 50 Cent, Lil Yachty & ​yvngxchris

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