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Darkness Fades Lyrics by Sharon Van Etten, from the album “We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong“, music has been produced by Sharon Van Etten & Daniel Knowles, and Darkness Fades song lyrics are penned down by Sharon Van Etten.

Darkness Fades Lyrics

Rain, sleep tonight
Sunrise, hold hands all night

It’s been a while since I held you close
Been a while since we’ve touched
All the doors close
I’ve seen the fall
I’ve seen you undone
Been writing on the dust
I’m hearing stars fall
Keeping what at bay?

Here I’m standing, partly here
Here, I stare around the room
Pray home they

I’m looking at our grass
I’m struggling for words
I’m dreaming of a place
I held close in a state
Darkness fades

The nights are now
Better stay, light
I’m looking for a way
Darkness fades


Song: Darkness Fades
Album: We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (2022)
Singer: Sharon Van Etten
Music: Sharon Van Etten & Daniel Knowles
Lyrics: Sharon Van Etten

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