December Lyrics by Raman, and December song lyrics are penned down by Raman Sharma.

December Lyrics

Its december and I don’t
Don’t know what to do
Kinda feel dry and I’m
Contemplating you
This december I’ll find out
What i really wanna do
What I wanna prove

All my days
Feel like I’ve been lost in space
Tired of finding love
Da da da da da
All my days
Are becoming faded
Sketches of lonely faces
Dying for some love

We don’t see
Ba da da da da
We don’t see
What we could’ve been
What she could’ve been

She’s got perfect hair
And crusty lips
With deep brown eyes
And the lovely smile
I can’t describe oh
Oh no

We’re slow dancing in the garden
With some nice and cozy flowers
Everything pretty you’d ever wanna do
We could lay around
Look up
To count the stars
I’ll realize
I’m just a small part of the universe with you
With you, with you

We’ll be something beautiful
Rosy dates and a little more
We’ll be just fine
Little stars and country roses
Painted clouds in twilight hours in the sky
Ba da da in the sky

Baby I don’t wanna cry no more
This december I will find my own
Tonight, tonight
You’ll be my sweet lullaby
From all noise and twisted lies
Oh my
I’ll be alright

She’ll be something beautiful
Rosy cheeks and a little more
Those eyes
She’ll be alright


Song: December
Singer: Raman
Lyrics: Raman Sharma

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