DELILAH Lyrics by CHIKA, from the album “SAMSON: THE ALBUM”.


Come home when you feel safe again
This time, I’ll keep you warm
I’ve longed to see your face again
My lighthouse in a storm, uh-huh
They view me as a tortured soul
You see right to my heart
Without you, I’m just a writer
But you’re the story, my sweet Delilah
You don’t [?]
Make you feel everything’s okay
Darkness can go away

If I wasn’t here, I’d think you’re fiction
And fuck my job, it’s usin’ words, but your true worth is greater than my diction
I may be strong, but I am just a mortal in your presence
Tearin’ down my walls, you found me broken and you started fixin’
I don’t deserve you and I never will, you know it’s true
But just for thе record, you an angel, so nobody do
Haven’t writtеn shit for ’bout a month until I found my muse
I was so depressed, but you remind me how to paint in blues
And different hues, they add a layer to what God has done
All my life, I questioned if somebody could shine for the sun
You are the answer, you the ray of light that humbles clouds
You are the wish I’ve been afraid of verbalized aloud
You make me dream again, make me feel seen again
I quit the drugs, but you so potent that I fiend again
I lost my way, I made mistakes, I cosplayed as a rebel
But for some reason, you still love me once the dust has settled

Come home when you feel safe again
Seems you’ve made everything okay
Darkness has flown away
You are my everything
You are my everything


Artst: CHIKA
Album: SAMSON: THE ALBUM (2023)

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