Diamonds & Rubies Lyrics by DC The Don, from the album “My Own Worst 3nemy“, Produced by Way2eazy, Malvi & LouieOnTheKeys.

Diamonds & Rubies Lyrics – DC The Don

It’s Lil Donny in this bitch (Yeah)
It ain’t Don, not Lil Daij, none of that shit, Lil Donny in this hoe (Go, go)

I sneak a peak when I itch on the opps (Yeah)
I got some ices, I love me some rocks (Yeah)
Woke up feeling like Roddy, my wrist in the box
That guala my friend, that shit coming in flocks (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Go, go
Expensive as fuck, we can fuck on the guap
We have fun with the gang, how the fuck could she not?
I know PETA so mad my shit made out of flocks (Go, go, Donny)

Go, go
Palm Angels my jeans, I pour four on a yacht
Mix the crowd with the migos, they tellin’ me stop
But I’m raging right now, I got trust in my shooter

Stick with the squad, man that boy’s in the troop
That nigga not brеaking no bread, he a user
How arе you gangster? You’re on a computer
I’m an OG, call me “DC The Boomer”

Fuck Zuckerburg, we drop K’s out the Ruger
Bitch, I am a demon, that nigga’s a loser
Pretending that you’re ØTL, what a loser
Bitch, I’m a dog, you’re a muh’fuckin’ poodle

Basically, king, I’m the ruler
Teezo pulled out on a muh’fuckin’ scooter
Nine of eleven, shit long as a ruler
Louie gon’ cook me a pack, I abuse it

In a Jag [?]
But I don’t trust that hoe ’cause she been acting pushy
And she locked up on my [?] no kizzy
If she act like a kid then this lil bitch a pussy

Might take the Glock from my guy, he might shoot me
He don’t even care about that shit, he a flooey
I’ma stand still and just see if he shoot me
Didn’t pull the trigger, that boy is a pussy

This how it go when you dealing with groupies
Fucking a bitch right now, I might throw on a movie

I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies
I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies
I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies
I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies

I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies
I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies
He dropping shit that these niggas pollute
I disappear and jump out of the roof

Sending [?] ’cause I got something new
What the fuck can I say when you niggas are losing?

Go, go
I’m shaking they hand like I’m aiming for [?]
[?] say hello to the [?]
Lil Donny tap into that bitch like a combo

Feel like I’m [?] when I [?]
Don’t call my [?]
How are you [?] if you not [?] though?
How are you fly if you not even fit though?

Hitting that bitch while I wait for my side hoe
She not the main, but I do keep a side hoe


Song: Diamonds & Rubies
Artist: DC The Don
Album: My Own Worst 3nemy (2022)
Produced by: Way2eazy, Malvi & LouieOnTheKeys

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