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Dibs Lyrics by NNAMDÏ, from the album “Please Have A Seat“, music has been produced by NNAMDÏ, and Dibs song lyrics are penned down by NNAMDÏ.

Dibs Lyrics

Took it out onto the pavement
And my knees got to shaking in the street
Tip my hat and turn around now, “C’est la vie”
Threaten to take it when I leave

And just how much longer? How much more?
What are you waiting for?
How much longer? How much more?
What are you saving for?

I know it’s just another day long
I kept on listening to the same song again and again
Stole a pen and spelled my name wrong everywhere
Took advice from all the greats that did it the same
Started fresh, I got my aim strong, yeah
Taking shots at something straightforward
Followed thе flames up in smoke
I see the gray smog rising again


Song: Dibs
Artist: NNAMDÏ
Album: Please Have A Seat (2022)
Lyrics: NNAMDÏ

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