Dogwood Lyrics by Nicole Dollanganger, from the album “Married in Mount Airy“, music has been produced by Nicole Dollanganger & Matthew Tomasi, and Dogwood song lyrics are penned down by Nicole Dollanganger.

Dogwood Lyrics

Oh, Lord
Please don’t take him from me
I need him, you know I do
I try to stop him from using that shit
But there’s no telling that man what to do

But you’ll have to pry
Him from my cold dead grip
If you try taking him from me
Oh, Lord
And you know I
Refuse to understand
That he just makes his own bed
And there’s no use trying

Oh, Lord
Please don’t give him those wings
You know how reckless he can be sometimes
And I swear
He doesn’t mean it when he says
He don’t care if he lives or dies

And I’m not sure
If you can hear this, but I rеad
Your name across his chest and I thought I’d try
So if you’re thеre
Lord, I am begging you to spare him
Just spare him, to you I cry

Or you’ll have to pry
Him from my cold dead grip
‘Cause I’m not letting go of him


Song: Dogwood
Artist: Nicole Dollanganger
Album: Married in Mount Airy (2023)
Music: Nicole Dollanganger & Matthew Tomasi
Lyrics: Nicole Dollanganger

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