Dr. Strange Lyrics by DC The Don, from the album “My Own Worst 3nemy“, Produced by Roxie (Producer), Way2eazy, Star Boy & SADBOY91, and Dr. Strange song are written by SADBOY91, Star Boy, Way2eazy, Roxie (Producer) & DC The Don.

Dr. Strange Lyrics – DC The Don

Like, understand what I’m made of, no more bad news
While I’m sleepin’, you gotta let me wake up
She talking bout’ quitting, girl it ain’t my genetic make up
She be callin’ in sick everyday, now you gotta take you a pay cut

She said “Glad that you know, but boy, it’s the way you ain’t ask me” (Yeah, yeah, go, yeah, go)
In a dark place with my mind gone (Go, yeah)
Tryna turn back time like I’m Dr. Strange, so far away from home (Yeah, yeah)
Going back to the future, girl I’m on the way, Scott Scott and Ramona

That shit feel like lala in my zone (Yeah, yeah)
I’ve shooting my shot, shot, In my zone (Yeah, yeah, go, go, go)

Got me going back bro, spend some time in my dome
I just think it, and I rap, this shit straight from my zone
Love that shit when it’s rainin’, my life so unknown
Fuck if they stare, got advanced shit on

Got my hand in my face, there’s too many lights on
Almost late for my flight, I got too much ice on
It’s like 5:32, I’m up all night long, all night long, all night long
When I’m back in my dream go all night long, all night long, all night long

Get yo bitch out my face, she be goin’ all night long (All night long)
All night long, ‘soon as I got rich, now they love my songs
Swear it’s so strange, they used to hate my songs
Still remember those day’s you’d ignore my phone

Ignore the way I feel like I’m way to dominated
She be blowing up my phone up everyday, girl I’m way to bad-


Song: Dr. Strange
Artist: DC The Don
Album: My Own Worst 3nemy (2022)
Produced by: Roxie (Producer), Way2eazy, Star Boy & SADBOY91
Written by: SADBOY91, Star Boy, Way2eazy, Roxie (Producer) & DC The Don
Interpolates: 2020 View by Jamario Turner (Ft. DC The Don)

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