DRIP DROP Lyrics by Jack Harlow Ft. CyHi, from the album “Loose“, music has been produced by J. Reid (Chevi Music) & Kill, and DRIP DROP song lyrics are penned down by J. Reid (Chevi Music), Kill, CyHi & Jack Harlow.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

If you want it you can have it, that my old style
Moving through the night just like an old coy-
-Yote, low profile, sippin’ something, got my piss lookin’ like the Oh-hi
Push it ’til it’s broke down
Somethin’ like my momma when I take the bag home to her
Con artists talkin’ like some connoisseurs
If you want the beef we can put them bitches on skewers
She the one I wrote this song for
And she put it on while she puttin’ on the contour
Phone calls from the concourse
Long way from home and that pussy what I long for
But, for now I’m on the clock, uh
Give myself off to you right before I knock
Once I’m back home, then you know it’s Yung Joc
We gon’ set the camcorder up and make a Hitchcock
I’m a uhh, big shot, uh
I can’t eat it cold, so I hope this shit’s hot
I can’t eat the leftovers out the Ziploc
It’s a mental thing for me, I can’t really explain it
I know we’re friends, but it feel like we datin’ sometimes
I feel the tension in all the conversations we have
I know the beat ain’t really hot ’til I’m pacin’ around
And I’m pacin’ right now
Yeah, this shit knockin’
And she, and she, she tryin’ give noggin (Oof!)
Tryin’ show the youngin’ what the tip top is
But see me, I’m just tryin’ see what the drip drop is, uh
Hit it once, she say that we been talkin’, uh
I don’t mind, I’m enjoyin’ the company
And it’s validatin’ for me, fill the void I been strugglin’ with
I rock a soldier out of Troy when I’m bussin’ this shit
It’s an infection I avoid, I been wantin’ to kick
But, I been flip floppin’, huh
Indecisive how I’m tryin’ get poppin’ (Ooh!)
Plain cheeseburger, I don’t get toppin’
Chauncy tryin’ show me what the crip walk is

CyHi, yeah, huh
Drip droppin’
Call the maintenance man, I don’t fix faucets, huh
Smokin’ strong, can’t quit coughin’
Valentino with the Louis, boy, I mix sauces
Big bosses over here, girl, I’m Rick Rossin’, huh
Big toppin’ what the chicks gossip
She like my last CD, I guess she disc jockin’
Spokin’ word over bass, I be grid lockin’
She was bad so I had to take the bitch shoppin’
Hit the Rollie store to kill time, now we tick tockin’, huh
Hurry up before my dick soften
She put the panties on backwards, got her criss crossin’, huh
Send her home in some sweatpants
She vegan so I hit her with the eggplant, huh
Her daddy rich so so I’m Stedman, huh
Vetements Gucci headband, huh
She said I’m better than her ex man
“If you fuck another bitch, you a dead man”
Hold on, girl, you talkin’ like you pregnant
I am not your ni**a, I’m your bestfriend, huh
Shhh, quit talkin’
I just wanna’ know what the drip drop is, huh
I pull her hair, girl, I rip stockins’
If you ain’t fuckin’ with me, you can kick rocks then
Never take the hat off, boy, I’m Kid Rockin’
She said, “I’m sorry, I don’t get that type of dick often”
Honey gold diggin’ hoe be tryin’ to pick pocket
So I’m swip swappin’
Got a thick chocolate
Little chick from the market, caught her wrist watchin’
Now we at the crib and we binge watchin’
I’m straight forward on some Chris Rock shit
I’m just tryin’ to see what the drip drop is, huh


Artist: Jack Harlow Ft. CyHi
Album: Loose (2018)
Music: J. Reid (Chevi Music) & Kill
Lyrics: J. Reid (Chevi Music), Kill, CyHi & Jack Harlow

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