Dumbest Girl Alive Lyrics by 100 gecs, from the album “10,000 gecs“, music has been produced by Laura Les & Dylan Brady, and Dumbest Girl Alive song lyrics are penned down by Laura Les & Dylan Brady.

Dumbest Girl Alive Lyrics


If you think I’m stupid now
You should see me when I’m high
And I’m smarter than I look
I’m the dumbest girl alive

I took ten Advils today
I’ve got bruises on my thighs
Plus I gave away my brain
I’m the dumbest girl alive
I’ve got lightning in my veins
Walk around like Frankenstein
I did science on my face
I’m the dumbest girl alive

Never ask me what I think
Don’t know why you even try
‘Cause I’ll always get it wrong
I’m the dumbest girl alive
Money coming from my mouth
Money coming from my eyes
And I keep on losing count
I’m the dumbest girl alive
And I’m picking up the pacе
I’m so happy I could die
Put emojis on my grave
I’m thе dumbest girl alive
And I feel so dangerous
When you say I’m doing fine now
Guess that’s how it goes
I’m the dumbest girl alive

Texts, texts, texts, texts
Like you’re tryna start a fight
Yeah, I’ll fucking text you back
I’m the dumbest girl alive

Why you wanna pout?
Is there something in your eye?
Can you show me how?
Can you show me how to- cry?


Song: Dumbest Girl Alive
Artist: 100 gecs
Album: 10,000 gecs (2023)
Music: Laura Les & Dylan Brady
Lyrics: Laura Les & Dylan Brady

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